The 9th RIEC International Symposium on Brain Functions and Brain Computer

December 5, 2020
Virtual Symposium

Scope The objective of the symposium is to provide a good opportunity to present latest topics related to brain computer and brain functions, and to discuss key aspects of them.

Topics of interest include:
Brain computerNeural hardware
Cultured neuronal networksReal-world computing
Artificial neural networksNeurodynamics
Brain-machine interfacesComputational neuroscience
BioinformaticsAsynchronous circuits
Important Notice This symposium will be held as a satellite symposium of JNNS2020. Presentation will be given online using Confit and Zoom. Presenters in general and poster sessions are required to submit pre-recorded video.
Important Dates Author Registration Deadline: October 20th, 2020

Abstract Submission Deadline: November 18th, 2020

Video Submission Deadline: November 18th, 2020

Non-author Registration Deadline: November 25th, 2020

Symposium Date: December 5th, 2020

Organizers Symposium Chair
Shigeo Sato, Tohoku Univ.

Program Committee
Takahiro Hanyu, Tohoku Univ., Yoshihiko Horio, Tohoku Univ., Ayumi Hirano, Tohoku Univ., Hideaki Yamamoto, Tohoku Univ.

Satoshi Moriya, Tohoku Univ.

Co-sponsored by Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University and Tohoku Forum for Creativity Program 2020 "Designing the Human-Centric IoT Society -Cooperative Industry-Academic Strategies for Creative Future Connection-"
In association with Center for Science, Technology and Well-being Research (Graduate School of Arts and Letters), Tohoku University
In cooperation with WISE Program for AI Electronics, Tohoku University
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